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Greynolds Park

A.O. Greynolds owned an old rock quarry near the Oleta River in Ojus, a site which had been inhabited by the Tequesta Indians and had later become a Seminole trading post.  As road construction moved north,  the quarry was abandoned.  Dade County approached Greynolds to donate the land for a park and agreed to name it after him.   See the transformation of this Rock Quarry to Park Oasisthat in 1936 became a popular Miami-Dade County park for the residents of North Miami Beach.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

Originally built in Spain in 1141, the monastery was purchased in 1925 by William Randolph Hearst and the structures were dismantled stone by stone, packed in wooden crates, and shipped to the United States.  It was reassembled at its site of 16711 West Dixie Highway in the early 1950’s and has become a popular location for weddings.

The year 1951 saw the completion of State Road 826, also known as North Miami Beach Boulevard. Residential areas, businesses, and professional people began moving in. The development of the 163rd Street Shopping Center reflected this tremendous growth in 1956. In 1958, a new charter was voted on making the city a council/manager form of government which still prevails today.

The 1980’s

The 1980s were typical of the growth and development from the prior years. The city expanded its parks, beautification was intensified, and in 1984, a new addition was added on to the existing city hall complex.

Over the next five years, there were impressive gains in new construction, commercial renovations, new business development, retail sales, beautification, and more. These strides are the result of a city council dedicated to the future health of its business community. The city council has expanded beyond the traditional city role with a program of policies and services designed to encourage real estate and business.


The 1990s

In 1993 the voters in North Miami Beach approved a $10 million bond issue to build a state-of-the-art police station and redevelop infrastructure in the Government Center neighborhood.  The new Public Safety building was built  at 16901 NE 19 Avenue, just south of the City Hall building.  The success of the Government Center Project provided additional momentum to the city’s efforts to promote neighborhood stability throughout the city.

In 1994, the library completed a major three-year expansion and renovation project that doubled its size to over 23,000 square feet.


Since 2000

In September 2000 the voters approved a $17.5 million bond issue for neighborhood construction improvements. The bond program known as Proud Neighborhoods consisted of 67 different projects aimed at upgrading streets, sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping in each neighborhood of the city. Completed in August 2006, this five year construction program brought dramatic improvements to the City’s neighborhoods, and led to an advertising campaign called “Now More Beautiful”.

In 1938, the United States census denoted 2,129 citizens and in 1955 there were 10,000. Today, the city has grown to just over 41,000 residents.

With excellent municipal facilities, fine police protection, good cultural programs and services, the residents and community leaders want everyone to know that the City of North Miami Beach is the city “Where People Care”.

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